Fern offers a vast repertoire of songs ranging from Classical, Ragtime, the Great American Songbook, Broadway, Beatles as well as a large array of soft and hard rock.

Her 2,000 plus list of songs is her starting point, and she can tailor a party, a wedding or any other event to your specific needs.

For one brief evening, a roomful of strangers become friends by the power of music. Fern says that "listening to music brings you instantly back to a better place and time. It's all about memories."

And if she's doing her job right -- she's creating new ones!

Fern is also available to travel.
Remember -- where there's Fern, there's fun!

To book an event with Fern, plan your next piano lesson, play with Roxie and Pearlie Girl, or make a date with Fern, call her .. 805.646.7449.


Somewhere In Time
<bgsound src="listen/Somewhere.mp3" loop=false>
It Had To Be You
<bgsound src="listen/It_Had_To_Be.mp3" loop=false>
All The Way
<bgsound src="listen/All_The_Way.mp3" loop=false>
Stairway To Heaven
<bgsound src="listen/Stairway.mp3" loop=false>
I'll Be Seeing You
<bgsound src="listen/Ill_Be_Seeing_You.mp3" loop=false>

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